Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics of the madri+d Foundation for Knowledge is the instrument through which the standards of conduct of all its members in the exercise of their duties are internally regulated.

It also implies a commitment to the institutions with which the Foundation interacts and, in particular, to the universities of Madrid.

Through the articles of the Code of Ethics, all persons who come into contact with the Foundation may know the obligations to which it is subject, as well as the guarantees of impartiality, fairness and excellence that derive from its compliance.

The Director General of the Foundation, the Manager and all personnel assigned to its different areas are subject to the requirements of this Code. People who provide professional services to the Foundation with regard to the tasks assigned to them by the Foundation shall also be guided by these principles of conduct.

The main principles to which any action of the people who collaborate or develop their work in this Foundation must be subject to the following:

  •  Legality
  •  Independence
  •  Non-discrimination
  •  Objectivity
  •  Publicity
  •  Impartiality
  •  Responsibility
  •  Participation

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