Enterprise Europe Network madri+d is a project co-financed by the European Commission, within the COSME program, which provides specialized professional assistance to companies and research groups in the Community of Madrid, offering technology transfer services, advice on innovation, internationalization and access to funding in R+D+i.

It has the participation of 8 partners from the Community of Madrid: CSIC, CEIM, Chamber of Commerce, PCM, AEDHE, AECIM and Madrid Network, together with the madrid+d Foundation, which acts as coordinator of the regional node.

Main activities:

  • Identification and promotion of the scientific and technological offer of the Community of Madrid.
  • Organization of the madri+d Forums and co-organization of Brokerage Events.
  • Support in technology transfer processes.
  • Mentoring and technical assistance to third countries.
  • Participation in sectoral groups.

Web: www.een-madrid.es

Email: info@een-madrid.es


Bilateral and cooperation meetings

Apps, games and adtech

Education technologies


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