Benefits for participants

ESA BIC Madrid Region provides financial, technical and business support incentives to eight new companies each year:

  • Access to the European network of ESA BICs coordinated by ESA-TTPO
  • Technical support by Program partners for product, software and prototype development.
  • Specific advice and mentoring for new companies.
  • International Contacts
  • Support in the search for funding

The companies incubated in the framework of the program will be provided business, technical and economic support:

Economic support:

  • 50,000 euros in two years for product development, prototype, software or IPR. 50% of this amount (25,000 euros) can be allocated to new employment related to the types of developments described before.
  • Support in the search for additional funding

Business support:

Fundación madri+d facilitates access to its services for the consolidation of technology-based companies.

  • Business training, including business plans, management skills, investment readiness, online marketing, legal advice and access to madri+d experts.
  • Legal, tax and accounting advisory services.
  • Support during business growth and consolidation, including access to the madri+d Mentoring Network. Mentors are entrepreneurs, managers or experts with extensive experience related to the creation, growth and/or consolidation of companies.
  • Support in the search for public and private financing, as well as access to the Business Angel Network (BAN madri+d) and madri+d investment forums.
  • Promotion of the new technology companies, i.e, through the leading S&T website, including news, videos, interviews, etc.

The program has the collaboration of organisations like the Spanish Technology Aerospace Platform (PAE), the Spanih Network of Business Angel Networks AEBAN, Mas y Calvet,  ESCP Business School, Thales Alenia Space, INDRA and GMV.

Technical support:

The incubated companies will have access to technical support provided by universities and institutions linked to the Project: UPM, UC3M, URJC, PCM, UAH, ESA-ESAC and INTA, including:

  • Promotion of cooperation between the different members of the research and innovation system: Administration, Companies, Universities, Research Centers and Support Organizations.
  • Information and advice on research, technological development and innovation projects.
  • Collaborative R&D projects and Technology Development by research groups in universities and Innovation and Technology Centers
  • Support to the protection of industrial and intellectual property (patents and licenses), and advice on technology management.
  • Collaboration grants, final projects and doctoral theses by science and engineering students.
  • Information and advice for grants, vacancies, contracts or educational agreements.