In 1998, the ministers of education of France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom agreed to create a European Higher Education Area by signing the Sorbonne declaration. The process was formalized in 1999 with the signing of the Bologna Declaration, signed by 30 countries.

Since then, ministerial meetings have been held to review its implementation, expand the agenda of the Process and specify the instruments needed to consolidate the EHEA.

1998. Declaration of the Sorbonne by France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom
1999: Bologna Declaration. Formal initiation of the process
2001: Prague Communiqué
2003: Berlin Communiqué
2005: Bergen Communiqué
2007: London Communiqué
2009: Leuven Communiqué
2010: Vienna-Budapest Declaration
2012: Bucharest Communiqué
2015: Yerevan Communiqué